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How to Begin an Interview Essay

Overview of the Interview Essay Process

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Job Interview Essay Sample

How to Write an Interview Essay
Interview Essay: What’s the Point?
Narrative Interview

Prepare for your interview by formulating the right questions to extract the most important information from your source. Write a list of questions to help guide you through your discussion, include typical journalistic questions like who, what, when, where, why and how. Try asking the interviewee what they feel worked well with their project or endeavor and what they would change if they could. If interesting or controversial, this can provide a hook you can use at the opening of your essay.

Be friendly and inviting to help your source feel comfortable talking to you and make sure he knows that you are interested in what he has to say. If you begin to go in a direction that you feel will not be helpful to your story, gently guide the source back on track. You also may want to repeat what your source tells you to ensure that you have your facts written down correctly. Before you finish the interview, have your notes or recording in order. Ask the source if you can call or visit her again for follow-up questions.

Write down your thoughts from the interview while the conversation is fresh to ensure that you include not only the vital facts but also any nuances or important details. Don't worry about writing the story or essay at this point -- essay editing comes later in the process. Reread your notes or listen to your tape again. Include the intention for the interview in your first paragraph, or lead, which should be short and to the point.

An essay that explores the different perspectives on a topic by using evidence from interviews with a variety of people. Interview essays allow you to use people as your sources rather than books. What is especially helpful in this sort of paper is that you are able to get a first-person viewpoint on a subject, whether this is about a person's life or something in which they are an expert.

Make the Essay Meaningful: These sorts of papers can be especially meaningful if you write them about family members or interview people who do a job or activity you would like to try yourself.

These papers are familiar to anyone who reads a newspaper or magazine. While people often interview actors, musicians, or politicians, excellent essays can be written by talking to ordinary people. Essays that record the life history of ordinary people are called oral history.

Pick a Good Question: You will be asking a particular question about a topic of your choice to several different people. Generally, you will want to choose a topic which is arguable — this means a topic in which there are varying opinions. What makes this different from a survey is that you will give the person an opportunity to explain their answer.

Often the interview works better if the question asks something most people have an opinion about. In trying to get more information about why people think the way they do on the topic, you will ask follow-up questions. You should not ask the same follow-up questions to every person. Instead, you will let your conversation with the person guide you as you develop more questions that are pertinent to the particular conversation.

If possible, interview in person or over Skype or Facetime. Seeing a person's expression and hearing their tone of voice is important. Plus, you can ask extra questions if you don't understand. Below is a guideline of things you should ask and take note of during the interview.

These are sample questions and you may add to them as you try to get the person to give you more information. Decide how you will begin and conclude your essay. Your introduction should include the question you asked. Your opening might be suggested by some of the comments from your interviews or you might want to describe a situation which causes your question.

For example, in a paper about whether you would give money to a homeless person, you could open with a scenario or story about being approached by a woman in a parking lot and having to decide whether to give money. You could also begin with a dictionary definition, an appropriate reference to a movie, T. List the reasons in order. The body of your essay should follow the order of reasons that you put together from your notes.

Be sure to quote, paraphrase, and summarize your sources. Also be sure to analyze the connections between reasons and why people might come to those conclusions. You will conclude the paper with a paragraph or two explaining which point-of-view, in your opinion, has the most validity, and why. If none of the viewpoints from your interviews coincided with your opinion, you should talk about that.

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Does this apply to your life? Why or why not? Do you know a couple whose love has lasted through "better and worse, richer and poorer, in sickness and in health? What did they do to make their love last?

Are you a person who views the glass "half empty" or "half full? How has that affected your life and experiences? What is the most difficult circumstance you have had to overcome? How has that shaped who you are? What is the highlight of your life so far? How did that success shape your personality? How has it affected your goals for the future? What historical person do you most admire? What about their life inspires you?

How would you like to be like them? If you were to live a different life, what would it be? Would you choose a different period of history? To live in a different country? Or to be a different sort of person?

Explain what and why. Interview Question Which person in your family influenced you the most growing up? Interview Essay Tip Your essay will be better if you include people of different ages, experiences, and beliefs as interview subjects. Who or what do you think is most beautiful? Who do you know who exhibits real courage? What does it mean to be faithful?

Give examples of faithfulness. What is loyalty in friendship? How can a person show loyalty? Where do you see or experience love the most? How do people experience happiness and what makes them happy?

What kind and how do we make our lives more peaceful? Where do you see gentleness? Is there a place in society we need more gentleness? How can you develop patience? When have you needed patience?

What type of strength have you had in your own life? Whose strength do you most admire? Who is old and what does "old" look like? How do people show goodness? What is your favorite example of goodness? Where does our culture show self-control?

Where does it not show self-control? Where do you wish you had more self-control? When do people need perseverance? Can you think of an example in your own life? What give people drive? What sorts of things most make people have this trait? When is nurturing important? How do men and women show this quality differently? Are there different roles of responsibility in a family? How is responsibility divided up in your family? What makes something fun? How do you make fun in your life?

Who do you know that is fun? When do we use the word "nice" rather than other words? What other words does nice stand for? How does someone show they are boastful? What is the difference between boastful and proud? How do we get it? Is there a way to make it increase? How important is it?

What does the phrase "follow your dreams" mean? Is this good advice? What good or bad examples do you know from your own life? What sorts of things should be trusted? How can we tell what we can trust? How can you know that something is good or bad quality? How important is quality compared to other things?

What makes something cheap or not cheap? In what ways is cheap good? Talk to an Elderly Relative. How should you prepare for a job interview? What is the best way to drive to prevent accidents?

How many children is the ideal number? What is the best age to get married to have a lasting relationship? Should mothers of preschool children work?

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Interview Essay Tips. Before writing the essay, you have a lot of prep work to do. Decide what you would like to write about and determine an interesting figure you can interview. Do some preliminary research before the interview itself to .

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Essay writing for interview requires a face-to-face conversation in the calm, silent environment with the chosen object. The essay based on the questions & answers from the personal interview should not contain any research or writer’s thoughts.

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Don't worry about writing the story or essay at this point -- essay editing comes later in the process. Organize your story. Reread your notes or listen to your tape again. Include the intention for the interview in your first paragraph, or . Jan 17,  · Write your questions. Set up a time to meet with people (you will probably start with at least one in-class interview of another student). Ask questions and record the answers. Analyze the results. Write your essay. Start with the question followed by a summary and analysis of the questions and friendlyfigre.tks: 7.

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With the interview over, you have to create a compelling introduction for your essay. Ideally, as you interviewed the colleague, customer or vendor for your assignment, one part of the interview struck you as particularly humorous, insightful or provocative. What is an Interview Essay. Completing an essay based on the interview can be very different from other traditional types of writings. In order to comprehend how to write it correctly, there is a need to remember some important aspects, including interview essay structure, topics to cover, paragraphs to add, and some guidelines to consider.