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❶Tommy grew up knowing first-hand how hard parents often struggle to make ends meet.

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Transcript of Tommy Douglas Tommy Douglas http: Died February 24, in Ottawa Ontario. A small man with a huge personality, Tommy Douglas was witty and kind. The leader of the first socialist government in North America, Tommy Douglas brought massive change to the province of Saskatchewan and led the way for many social reforms in the rest of Canada.

Tommy Douglas is considered the Canadian "father of medicare. When Tommy was 10 he injured his knee and underwent a number of operations in Scotland in attempt to cure his condition.

When he moved to Winnipeg the osteomyelitis flared up again and Douglas was told that he was going to lose his leg. This experience convinced him that health care should be free to all. Years after Douglas said in an interview "I felt that no boy should have to depend either for his leg or his life upon the ability of his parents to raise enough money to bring a first-class surgeon to his bedside" He gave Canadians a new political party, the CCF co-operative Common Wealth Federation which later become the NDD.

Why was Tommy Douglas a great Canadian? He was the first person to introduce universal health care He considered the distribution of electricity to rural Saskatchewan which was one of his governments greatest achievements.

Because of Tommy Douglas Canada now has a universal health care. He was a humanitarian. His passion was to help his fellow Canadians. He is comparing the Mouseland government to a Canadian government that he views as corrupt. Canada has a rich history of farmers, miners, railroad workers and lumberjacks, but we have elected governments made up of the complete opposite. The list was a mix of politicians, athletes, and personalities who have been well known in Canada. The final vote was conducted and the winner was… Tommy Douglas.

I for one was surprised. Now obviously, this was not a serious, scientific poll. Only those who actually watched the CBC and furthermore watched the show, would have voted.

I personally thought Douglas would be lucky to place in the top five. Or surely Terry Fox would tug at enough hearts to propel him to the top spot. But somehow Douglas won the competition. Did the CBC rig it? It was obviously not the NDP crowd or support from Saskatchewan that propelled him to the top.

So what was it? Canadians are extremely proud of their healthcare system, which despite its problems is touted around the world. The only other reason I can come up with would be that Douglas was simply a very nice man.

He was well loved, in Saskatchewan, and throughout the country. Had Douglas run for the Liberal party, we might see his name in the history books as a Prime Minister. I need more to write about him and I have no clue what else to say.

My teacher is asking for a 4 page essay due tomorrow.. I hope you'll have success with this! The writing is high-quality, so you should be proud about that. If you are having trouble getting more pages written, all you have to do is search databases for some more readings about him.

Use your school database or Google Scholar, or Questia or Jstor, and fins 3 more articles about him. As you read, you will find more subtopics, more points to make. It will about to more pages for you. The readings are like fuel for the fire.

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Sep 12,  · Please read the essay below and tell me if it is good or not i have about 4 hours before i hand it in!!!!!:(Thomas Clement "Tommy" Douglas, known as "the Father of Medical Healthcare", was one of Canada's most charismatic politicians never to be elected as Canada's Prime Minister.

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Feb 15,  · Tommy Douglas was born on October 20, He was born in Falkirk, Scotland. He died when he was 82 on February 24, Tommy Douglas is responsible for many of the great benefits we have today. He introduced paved roads, sewage systems and power to most farmers. He somehow managed to reduce the. Free Essay: Tommy Douglas and Health Care System One man can save the lives of millions of people with one idea. An idea that separates Canada from any other.

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Below is an essay on "Tommy Douglas" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Thomas Douglas known as 'The Father of Medicare' was one of the most successful politicians that Canadians have ever seen. Essay about Tommy Douglas and the Universal Health Care System - Tommy Douglas was a Canadian social- democratic politician, who became the premier of Saskatchewan in Tommy Douglas believed that it was his responsibility as premier to improve the lives of ordinary people.