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The Outsiders Homework Help

The answer to this question can be found in chapter 1. Ponyboy is introducing readers to himself, his brothers, and some of the other Greasers.

Additionally, Ponyboy is giving us a bit of Describe at least two members of the Socs and their characterization in The Outsiders. The first Soc that the reader learns much about is Sherri Valence. She goes by the name Cherry because of her long red hair. It quickly becomes apparent that Cherry can handle herself when she What are some modern songs that represent Johnny from The Outsiders? Johnny Cade is portrayed as the "gang's pet," who suffers from emotional and physical abuse.

Johnny grows up in an abusive household and narrowly survives a brutal beating by a group of Socs. Why can Cherry and Ponyboy not socialize at school or other places? The Socials, or Socs, are the wealthier kids while the Greasers are the kids from the opposite side of town with less money and fewer opportunities. Ponyboy explains how the girls from the Socs' Hinton develop soda's character throughout the novel? Hinton develops Soda's character throughout the novel by gradually depicting his emotional depth and sensitive nature, which is something Sodapop rarely displays.

Towards the beginning of the In chapter 4, Ponyboy runs away from home and meets up with Johnny at the park. While they are hanging out at the park, a group of Socs arrive in a blue Mustang and get out of the car. Explain how Ponyboy grows and matures by referring to his change in views of the Greasers and Ponyboy is different than the other Greasers, and the other Greasers know this. It's why Johnny tells him to "stay gold" and Two-Bit doesn't want him to "get tough.

How do three characters from the novel portray the theme of fighting for individualism? Hinton's novel The Outsiders, the Greasers are a group that lives outside the social norms. They also stick together under most circumstances and support each other. There are a few clear Discuss three characters in the novel indicating how they portray the theme of fighting for Ponyboy exemplifies the theme of fighting for individualism.

Unlike the people around him, he is interested in books and movies, and he is more academic than his brothers. At the beginning of the Analyze three characters in the novel, indicating how they portray the theme of fighting for Many of the themes in The Outsiders revolve around ideas of individualism vs.

In many ways, the entire story is about learning to see individuals instead of the collective, because Who are three characters in The Outsiders by S.

Hinton portraying the theme of fighting for The title The Outsiders is a clue to the "outsider" status of many of the characters in this novel. Ostensibly there are two cliques of teenagers who are in a sort of tacit war with each other: What did Johnny announce after his fifth barbecue sandwich? The boys are famished and end up stuffing themselves with BBQ sandwiches as Dally tells them Who states "They'd never believe a greasy lookin' mug could be a hero"? The particular quote above How far is Ponyboy's school from his home?

This question is rather difficult to answer precisely. Many literary critics suggest that S. The novella was written in Why doesn't Soda drink alcohol? In chapter 1, the Greaser gang comes to Ponyboy's rescue after he is jumped by a rival gang of Socs while he is walking home alone from the movies. When the Greasers arrive, Pony gives a brief Why does Ponyboy decide to write his English paper on his life as a Greaser?

In the last chapter of the novel, Ponyboy reads Johnny's letter encouraging him to tell Dally about sunsets, explaining Robert Frost's poem, making peace with his unfortunate situation, and urging What does Cherry help Ponyboy realize about Socs and Greasers?

Cherry Valance is a Soc cheerleader, who meets Ponyboy and Johnny at the drive-in movie theater after Dally begins to annoy them. Initially, Ponyboy is surprised at Cherry's tolerant, friendly What did the Socs do when they jumped Ponyboy after he left the movie? In the opening scene of the novel, Ponyboy is walking home alone from the movies when a Corvair pulls up beside him, and five Socs get out.

Ponyboy quickly scans the ground for a pop bottle to fend Why does Two-Bit grin when Ponyboy picks up the glass? In the scene, Ponyboy is picking up pieces of glass from a broken bottle. The sequence can be found in the last chapter of the book.

Ponyboy is hanging out with Steve and Two-Bit when a group of What are Ponyboy's weakness? Pony has several notable weaknesses in the novel, which are particularly depicted towards the beginning of the story when he lacks insight, perspective, and maturity. According to Two-Bit, what is the safest thing to be when one meets up with a group of social Another social outcast In chapter 7, Ponyboy is doing the dishes, and Two-Bit tells him a story while he sharpens his prized switchblade. Two-Bit begins by telling Ponyboy that he was What are the characteristics that make Ponyboy unique among his friends?

Ponyboy is definitely a unique Greaser, and it's fairly obvious to the other Greasers—it's even obvious to people who are not part of the Greaser gang. This is why Cherry is able to so quickly How do Darry and Dally lose their innocence? Dally loses his innocence at the tender age of ten years old when he is incarcerated for the first time in New York. Pony mentions that Dally was tougher, meaner, and colder than the other members Hinton use evidence to prove that Johnny has lost his innocence in The Outsiders?

Johnny loses his childhood innocence before the story begins when he is jumped by a gang of Socs. Ever since Johnny was severely beaten, he is on edge, jumpy, and carries a knife with him. Why does Ponyboy not like being in the country? Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

The Outsiders Homework help? OK Can anyone answer this The blue mustang is bound to show up again. I have no clue at all. I kinda know it but I don't know how to explain it ya know?

So I will appreciate it if So I will appreciate it if you'd help me out. Oh my bad and umm this one too Why does Ponyboy say Twobit was smart. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

It's used as foreshadowing what is about to come.

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Hintons classic novel The Outsiders is the perfect title to help your reluctant reader find a hook for literature. Find homework help for other The. i need help with my essay 90 90 from working poor to elite scholar. Dec 08,  · OK Can anyone answer this. In chapter 3 a blue mustang pulls up but then passes Cherry, Marcia,Ponyboy, Two-bit and Johnny. My question is.. The blue mustang is bound to show up again. Why? I have no clue at all. I kinda know it but I don't know how to explain it ya know? So I will appreciate it if you'd help me Resolved.

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May 18,  · Okay, Before We Start 1] i Reaaly Like This Book, So Dont Say Anythinq Sarcastic. (Ex. "Read The Book!", "Do Your Own Homework!"] 2] Excusee Me Doublinqq Letters And Capitalizinq Them, Its Gotten Into A Habbitt And i Dont Have Time To Go Back And Redo It. 3] Theres Quite A Few Questions, But She Gave Us The . 11 Sep Database homework help zoology - homework help the outsiders. Non classé / By / Pas de commentaire / 1 Viewers; Argh! german phrases must not push themselves into my head when i'm supposed to write an english essay!!!