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Pickwick Papers

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❶Front cover and back cover attached by clear tape which has left a stain - last page before blank back cover detached.

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Charles Dickens
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Pickwick Papers

The first installment of Pickwick sold about copies while the last installment sold about 40, copies. There were theatrical adaptations before the series was even completed.

Pickwick merchandise began to appear. People could buy Pickwick cigars, song books and china figurines. In June of Dickens missed a deadline. It was the only time that happened in his entire career as an author. She was living with Charles and Catherine at the time. Mary was a favorite with the couple and was like a little sister to Charles. On the evening of May 6th Mary went with the couple to the St. The group returned late in the evening and Mary retired for the night.

Dickens works a very serious subject into this comic novel, that of the injustice of the justice system. Dickens had a firsthand look at the legal system when he worked as a law clerk. His outrage over the inequities and incompetence of the system show up in more than one of his novels.

In a very funny scene Pickwick tries to talk his landlady, Mrs. Bardell, about Sam Weller moving into the house. She misunderstands and thinks he is proposing marriage. The four members are Mr. Pickwick, a kindly retired businessman and philosopher whose thoughts never rise above the commonplace; Tracy Tupman, a ladies' man who never makes a conquest; Augustus Snodgrass, a poet who never writes a poem; and Nathaniel Winkle, a sportsman of tremendous ineptitude. The Pickwickians meet to begin their first journey and get knocked about by an angry cabman, who thinks they are informers, while an angry crowd gathers.

They are rescued by Alfred Jingle, who travels with them to Rochester. Jingle is an adventurer interested in wealthy women, and on this first trip he involves the innocent Winkle in a duel with Dr. Slammer, a hot-tempered army man. At Chatham, the Pickwickians watch army maneuvers, get buffeted about, and meet Mr.

Wardle, a country squire who invites them to his estate at Dingley Dell. After some mishaps with horses, Mr. Pickwick and his friends arrive at Mr. Wardle's Manor Farm, where they enjoy card games, flirting, storytelling, hunting, and a cricket match. Tupman falls in love with Mr. Wardle's spinster sister, Rachael; and Mr. Snodgrass falls in love with his daughter, Emily. However, Tupman is outsmarted by the vivacious, unscrupulous Jingle, who elopes with Rachael.

Wardle pursue Jingle and Rachael to London, where, with the help of a lawyer, Mr. Perker, they buy off Jingle and save Rachael Wardle from an unhappy marriage. Pickwick comes across Sam Weller, a boot cleaner and general handyman whom he takes on as a valet.

Sam is a cockney man of the world: Pickwick tells his widowed landlady, Mrs. Bardell, that he has taken on a servant, she assumes from the ambiguous way he puts it that he intends to marry her. Bardell faints in his arms just as Tupman, Snodgrass, and Winkle enter — a compromising circumstance. Sam Weller's father, Tony, a coachman who had the misfortune to marry a widow, provides a running commentary through the novel on the dangers of matrimony.

Tony's wife has taken up with a hypocritical, alcoholic evangelist and makes life miserable for her husband until her death. Both Tony Weller and Mr. Pickwick are prey for widows, because Mrs. Bardell soon starts a breach-of-promise suit against Mr.

Pickwick and his friends go to Eatanswill to witness an election, which is both violent and nonsensical. Pickwick and Winkle stay with Mr. Pott, the editor of a partisan newspaper, and Winkle unwittingly becomes involved in Pott's domestic fights.

During their visit to Eatanswill the Pickwickians are invited to a costume party given by the local literary lioness, Mrs. Leo Hunter, where several varieties of silliness are exhibited. At this party Mr. Pickwick sees Alfred Jingle, whom he pursues to a neighboring town. Jingle's servant tells Mr. Pickwick that Jingle has designs on a young lady at a boarding school, and Mr. Pickwick decides to prevent the elopement. However, this information is a ruse that leads to Mr.

Pickwick's embarrassment and an attack of rheumatism. The Pickwickians assemble at Bury St. Wardle is on a hunting trip, and Mr. Pickwick recovers enough to go along. There he learns that Mrs. Bardell has filed suit against him through Dodson and Fogg, a pair of rascally lawyers.

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The popularity of The Pickwick Papers spawned many imitations and sequels in print as well as actual Clubs and Societies inspired by the club in the novel. One example is the still in operation Pickwick Bicycle Club in London, which was established in , the same year as Charles Dickens' death. [19].

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"The Pickwick Papers" was originally published in 19 monthly magazine instalments, from March to October , this last being a double issue. They were then reissued in a volume as The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick /5.

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Pickwick Papers (Wordsworth Classics) [Charles Dickens, David Ellis, Dr Keith Carabine, R T Seymour, R W Buss, Canterbury Christ Church University College Hablot K Browne (Phiz)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This novel, written when Dickens was only 25 years old, immediately brought him immense popularity. /5(). The Pickwick Papers is an absolutely delightful story of four English gentlemen who set out on a series of adventures which they are to relate back to the other members of the Pickwick Club in London.

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