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Cause and Effect of Cheating in School Essay

Tips For Writing A Custom Essay On A Tight Deadline

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Why Some Students Find It Hard To Write Custom Essay Papers
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It will also build your self-esteem. Having that pride when you graduate will be one of the best feelings in your life. All those late nights of studying and group study sessions have paid off. You know that you are able to set a goal for yourself and find the strength within you to accomplish this goal. If you are able to do this, you are capable of so much more.

Your future will be bright. When looking for a job when you are older, employers look for certain qualities. You will have more confidence going into an interview if you are well qualified for the job. Nothing good comes from cheating. It may trick you in the short hall but you need to have the strength to do the right thing. You need to be more concerned with your future, and less concerned with cheating your way through a class just so you have more free time.

We are truly blessed to be given a proper education, many countries are not as fortunate as us. In a way Americans have become spoiled and have taken their education for granted. They do not view it as being important. We need to look at other nations, and realize what they would give up just to be able to learn like we do.

We need to get back to a place where we are thirsting for knowledge and not just doing the bare minimum to get by. Over all, the consequences of cheating vary greatly, from being dealt with on a serious level or to just have to live with knowing deep down inside that what you have done is wrong.

Some say cheating is not wrong unless the person gets caught, but cheating is no different than stealing, and stealing is wrong no matter what. I think everyone would admit that. As an individual you must take pride in yourself and do your own work. It is your life and you should want to be the best you can be. Cheating in the short run will only hurt you in the future. Cause and Effect of Cheating in School.

Accessed September 14, If they worked on the notes together, and spent time to word it in the same way, this would not be considered cheating. However, if this was the case then the students should clarify with their teacher that the notes were worked on together. If this was not the case, this would be considered cheating and it should not be tolerated. From experience, I once allowed one of my friends to look over my class notes.

A few days later, after handing in the notes, we got them back. I looked down at my paper and saw on the top a zero written in red marker. I looked over at my friends paper which read the same grade. As the year proceeded, I could tell my teacher was always skeptical of work that my friend and I would hand in following this incident.

Cheating can lose values of trust, which I felt it did between my teacher and I. Since that day, I have not willingly handed out any of my papers. Since school in beneficial to an individual, cheating defeats this purpose.

For example, someone in my graduating class had the advantage of being one of the best football players in our conference, and was praised for it by my school and town. When ivy league schools started to recruit him, he figured he had to step his academic game up. Students would have no problem handing over papers to him, oblivious to what would happen to him in the long run.

This phenomenal football player committed to Brown, I knew he had it coming. Since cheating became a regular practice to him, he would not be able to keep up with the academic work load at Brown. When asking a friend how he was doing, I heard that he was considering to transfer after the first semester.

I assumed that this was because he did not feel like he could handle the school work since cheating had become part of his nature. In addition to cheating to yourself, this practice also includes false accomplishment. This football player had the privilege of attending Brown University, but his actions of getting there were unfair.

It is apparent that even the most diligent student may have time handicap, too much work and the deadline approaching. But proper use of our service will help one in such difficult situations. The only thing a student must do — is not simply hand in the received paper but study it and then understand its core and continue the research.

In such case and with proper insight into the work a student cannot be accused of cheating. We have over expert writers with PhD and Masters level educations who are all ready to fulfill your writing needs no matter what the academic level or research topic. We understand the pressure students are under to achieve high academic goals and we are ready to take some of it off you because we love writing. By choosing us as your partner, you achieve more academically and gain valuable time for your other interests.

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