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Communications Majors Guide

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❶Influencing Skills Workshop Get results working through others, regardless of positional power.

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This is what I found This is when an artist or DJ will take the best bits of an existing song, alter them, loop them and layer them to make something new. For Daft Punk, the samples can come from anywhere; from experimental Funk to gospel to even Barry Manilow. This results in a seamless combination of genres, new and old. I find that really exciting, but many other people find it worrying. This anti-sampling attitude is essentially rockist. And suddenly these neo-pop-culture upstarts begin sampling and remixing and stealing bits of old songs to make new ones.

These Electro upstarts are musicians for the postmodern age, and bricolage and intertextuality are what they deal in. There was an accident in our studio. We were working on our sampler, and at exactly 9: When we regained consciousness, we discovered that we had become robots. Daft Punk, with its edited voices, crisper-than-crisp sound, and seemingly-infinite variations on a theme, is the epitome of the hyperreal.

They construct a sound that seems perfect, that has lost all of the transience of human speech or roughness of live instruments, something mechanical and engineered. Even their robot helmets are hyperreal — androids doing the job of humans, the impossible goal of Science Fiction, is brought to life in all its shiny gold and chrome glory, LEDs a-flashing.

And what does that say about us, the consumers of that culture? Just like Adam Ant in his highwayman jacket and glammed-up facepaint, Electro is reminding us that this is Disneyland, and any distinctions between old and new, high and popular, are irrelevant.

With its reliance on technology and glorification of machine-like repetition, Electro music decentres us all. Man is no longer at the centre of the universe, technology is.

The specification informs us that these reward the following: AO1 and AO3 carry equal weighting across the two readings. AO4 is rewarded for the exploration only.

The maximum mark for Section A is AO4 can then be assessed separately, awarding a mark for the exploration out of a possible score of 8 marks. Write a word response to the following questions: Explain multicultural communication and its origins.

Compare and contrast culture, ethnicity, and acculturation. Explain how cultural and religious differences affect the health care professional and the issues that can arise in cross-cultural communications. Discuss family culture and its effect on patient education. List some approaches the health care professional can use to address religious and cultural diversity.

List the types of illiteracy. During these programs, students are generally exposed to a wide range of communication concepts, such as the role of media in our society and how to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

An associate degree can also help you develop the verbal and listening skills that careers in this field utilize. In addition to core courses in English and math, an associate program in communication requires courses in subjects such as:. A bachelor's degree program is meant to help cultivate your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

More specifically, an online bachelor's in communication degree program is meant to build upon the core information you learned during your first two years as a communications major, improving your different contact strategies in a variety of organizational and social settings. As a student in one of these programs, you will likely want to focus on learning how to successfully exchange ideas while understanding and connecting with those around you.

In addition to core courses in communication, communication practice and communication theory, you should also expect to take courses such as:. If your goal is moving into the highest tiers of the communication industry, a master's degree may be required.

This degree type can show you how to apply critical thinking and verbal communication to a wide range of business and organizational settings in order to create the outcomes you -- or your business -- desire.

Being an advanced program, a master's degree program will also usually dive into a number of complicated topics related to its subject. In the case of communication, these topics might be crisis communication, effective social media communication, publication relations theory, professional writing or communication ethics, to name a few.

Students who want to understand communication theory inside and out, perhaps in order to study this important field in a research setting, may want to consider an online Ph.

This revered degree program helps students dig beneath the surface of communications, with the ultimate goal of fully and deeply understanding the assertions and concepts that drive communication theory. Not only do students study both humanities and social science traditions in this program, but they are expected to learn how to apply communication theory and rhetoric across many different settings, working to help us all understand the world and the motivations of people far and wide a little bit better.

Students who choose this educational path must typically have a master's degree in communications or a related field first. Courses pursued during a Ph. The career choices for communications professionals are incredibly diverse, mostly because so many industries rely on these workers to get their message across effectively to the media, the public and their other business interests.

The following careers could be well worth considering for graduates, depending on the degree level earned during college. To be successful in a communications career, you should have an interest in procuring accurate information and adapting it for different audiences.

As a technical writer, you can combine your communications education with industry-specific courses to learn the terminology of the field you want to enter, then rewrite those terms in different ways to connect with different groups of people.

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Mar 18,  · Cross Cultural Communication on The Culture of Time - Duration: Communication and Culture A2 Coursework - Duration: History Help About; Press. Controlled assessment information for A-level Communication and Culture.

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AO1: the ability to communicate in the register of communication and culture AO3: the ability to apply knowledge AO4: the ability to work with relevant resources drawn from a range of sources. Coursework Marking. AO1 out of 12/ AO3 out of 20/ AO4 out of 8. The Media and Communications Studies Site. BBC - The Culture Show - Archive. Apr 23,  · Language & Culture - Their Theendless92 16,, views. The Effect of Disney Animations A2 Communication and Culture Coursework - Duration: History Help.