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Here is a list of some interesting topics on WWII for your high school research paper:


❶As the discussion here will show, propaganda would play a central role in the ability of the Nazi party to garner support and generate the impassioned loyalty of the…… [Read More]. Both books are classics in their respective countries because they give a unique perspective that delivers us right on to the frontlines of the Pacific ealm.

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Ww2 Research Paper Topics. Do one on something no one else will do it's almost an automatic good grade, just for attempting to be creative. American ace fighter pilots were fighting with the Chinese against the Japanese, the Flying Tigers. An American Navy ship was actually bombed and sunk in China by the Japanese. American Military Intelligence was actively working in England with British Intelligence under the table.

American Navy vessels were all over the Pacific, the Philippines, even sitting in Darwin Harbor, Australia Americans were manufacturing munitions gun powder, ammo, explosives for the British and Allies. Two New Jersey munitions factories were actually blow up by Nazi terrorists.

For a country not AT war, we were certainly very busy IN war. The Navajo Code Talkers. The Hunt for Enigma. The countless forgotten children and teenagers of the Greek, Dutch, and other small country resistance. Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews in full sight of the Nazis. My personal favorite, the Dunkirk Evacuation.

Countless topics, countless heroes. Gypsies during World War II [ It will also describe what made a Gypsy and how they were rounded up and transferred to the concentration camps. The Gypsies of Europe lost thousands during the war in the concentration camps, but their history is full of persecution and hatred. Even today, many Europeans look down on the Gypsies. These people have suffered as much as the Jews at the hands of Hitler's Nazis, but their story is far less known.

Who were the Gypsies in Europe? The gypsies, broken into different tribes or bands, first appeared in Europe sometime in the fifteenth century. Turning Points of World War 2. Battle of Midway, Battle of Britain, and Battle of Stalingrad There were many significant turning points in World War II, within which, had they not happened as they did, the outcome of World War itself could, arguably, have been much different In particular, many of the key battles fought during World War II; between the Americans and the Japanese; Germany and North Africa; Germany and England; Germany and Russia, or elsewhere, could arguably be considered the three most significant.

Some of these would including the Battle of Kursk; the Battle of El Alemain; and the Battle of Moscow However, it is my opinion that the three major turning points of World War II, which played the biggest roles in the war's turning out as it did, were: In this essay,…… [Read More].

With dramatically expanded capabilities, the U. Navy in particular and its allies by association were engaged in a "Containment Strategy," walling off Communism and preventing its spread throughout the World. For its part, the U. And its allies were equally dedicated to spreading Communism throughout the globe. In addition to its multifaceted containment role during the Cold War, the United States Navy engaged in Japanese security measures and notable Space Program contributions.

When Hitler conquered France in June of , he acquired a forward base to launch his attack against England. Had England fallen in the Battle of Britain, the Nazis would have, at the very least, conquered the entire continent of Europe. The fall of Britain would have allowed Hitler to concentrate his forces on one front in Operation Barbarosa, the invasion of ussia, which he launched in Most historians believe that, more than any other single fact, Hitler's decision to fight a war on two fronts, simultaneously, accounted for the eventual defeat of Germany at the hands of the Allies.

The Battle of Britain was won by the heroes of the British oyal Air Force, flying Spitfire fighters who handed the German Luftwaffe its first defeat of the war in a savage, month-long battle over the skies of Britain in the…… [Read More].

Race and World War II. All because of a racially fueled hatred that exaggerated the nature of the merciless war. This image of the cruelty and heartless Japanese is what eventually allowed the American people and government to justify the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The racist attitudes clearly clouded the United State's commitment to defending Democracy, both abroad and within its own borders. One of the worst examples of this merciless prejudice was the removal of the Japanese from cities along the West Coast in Executive Order.

The internment of hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans clearly threatened the mage of democracy here at home, in the U. The research suggests that "after the American entry into the war against Japan, the U. Origins of the Second World War by. Origins of the Second World War, by A. Specifically, it will critically analyze the book, its theme, and the author's methods. Taylor, was a noted British historian who wrote widely on European and world politics, policies, and history.

His views were often unorthodox and controversial. Similar revisionists included Daniel J. Goldhagen who has argued that a deep-rooted anti-Semitism in Germany caused the Holocaust, not just Hitler and the Nazi party" Schoenherr. He wrote numerous books and publications, including "The Struggle for Mastery in Europe ," and "English History He was primarily interested in English and German history, but wrote extensively on a variety of historic and political subjects. Works Cited Evans, R.

The Third Reich at War -- Origins of the Second Wold Warr: Economic Aspects of Industrial Disarmament -- The First World War also resulted in vastly improved infrastructure. Marshall speaks of sophisticated transportation systems moved personnel and supplies in volume and speed that were unknown merely decades earlier.

Mariner Books, , p. For one example, as Essen, the Germans built the Krupp works, consisting of a city-within-a-city of 41, workers for the construction of heavy weapons and having its own streets, police force, fire department and traffic regulations. One example is the construction of five new narrow-gauge railway lines across the Fifth Army's operation zone in the Verdun to transport weapons and ammunition to their positions.

With the Old Breed. The New Press, The Official State Web Portal. The Treaty of Versailles. Retrieved March 12, , from. Ames, Iowa Historical Society, Would Life Ever be the Same?

University of San Diego. Available from World Wide Web: The Library of Congress. Mobilizing Women for War: German and American Propoganda, Princeton University press, Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [online]. The Great World War -- Volume 1: Charles Messenger, Conway Martim Press, 3. Forbidden Britain -- Our Secret Past The Battle for History: Why the Allies Won. A World at Arms: Columbia University Press, Race and Power in the Pacific War.

The GI Offensive in Europe: Truman Library and Museum. References Bytwerk, Randall, www. Getting the Message Out: Works Cited Alter, Jonathon. General Eisenhower and his allies had to decide if June 6 was the right day to go notwithstanding the fact that terrible weather was making the seas very rough and reducing visibility for the attack bombers that were to fly over German fortifications on the bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach.

June 6th it was. Haak was part of the U. Haak's job was to assist the assault boats coming out of the back of the ship; it was a hideously scary moment for the troops that boarded the landing crafts, and Haak and his buddies tried to instill some calm and courage to the frightened marines. Each soldier that was bound for the beach in a landing craft was carrying packs on their backs that weighed almost 70 pounds. Some made it safely on shore only to later be killed in battle.

Others never made it to shore. Haak could see through his binoculars carnage that was occurring onshore, even as the huge guns of his navy ship blasted the entrenched Germans. Sixty years later, a gray-haired Bill Haak was talking to his grandson William out on the back porch of his family's farmhouse in Wisconsin. Bill Haak paused and said, "That so many had to die to save the world from Hitler and Hirohito.

About , American soldiers died, to say nothing of the millions slaughtered in those horrific years, including the Holocaust. And my fondest hope William is that you never have to go to war. Let's go in now, I think grandma's got dinner ready.

The American People in Depression and War, Oxford University Press, References Mailer, Norman The Naked and the Dead.

Fires on the Plain. Bibliography Patterson, Rebecca Damm. References Childress, Vincent W. Retrieved March 22, , from Nuclear Files Web site: Works Cited Harris, Michael. Retrieved August 12, , from Time: Retrieved August 12, , from the Great Idea Finder: Retrieved October 15, , at http: Bibliography 'World War II.

Public Law and Public Administration. The University of Alabama Press, The Last European War References Kagan, Frederick W. Letters from Iwo Jima. American Families in the Cold War Era. Anti-submarine warfare in World War I: British Naval aviation and the defeat of the U-boats. The making of the Second World War. Patriotic war, -- In Ronald Grigor Suny, ed. Sonar, anti-submarine warfare and the Royal Navy Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

Retrieved from the Internet at http: The Postwar United States. In unexpected ways WWII changed women's lives: Role in war effort helped shift societal perceptions and expectations. The New Georgia Encyclopedia. References Boatner, Mark M. A World in Flames: Retrieved on May 26, at http: America, Hitler and the UN. Naval Institute Press, Propaganda in Nazi Germany. Works Cited McTaggart, Pat. The Origins of the Second World War. Works Cited 'Eisenhower, Dwight David. Truman " American President.

Bibliography Citino, Robert Michael. The Path to Blitzkrieg: Doctrine and Training in the German Army, Lynne Rienner Publishers, The German Army, Its Political and Military Failure. Stein and Day, First Vintage Books Edition, New York, NY W. Electronics, lead and landfills. Environmental Health Perspectives, 13 , Environmental Law, 38 4 , Current hazardous waste management and disposal practices among small quantity generators.

Journal of Environmental Health, 57 2 , Retrieved July 26, from http: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Chapter 7 - The Attacks.

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Works Cited Bell, P. De Graaf, Lawrence B. Europe in the Twentieth Century. For the President's Eyes Only. American Secret History from Hitler to al-Qaeda. New York Review Books, An ideal World War II research paper would cover a specific topic in a level of depth -- discussing and analyzing points that the teacher may not have pointed out. Several battles in World War II are considered decisive to a particular military campaign, and analyzing any one of them would make for an interesting paper.

An example of such a battle would be the Battle of Berlin in April , considered a central World War II event because it effectively decided the state of the war in the entire European continent. The paper could research and analyze the important facts of the battle such as troop numbers, weapons and technology used and key tactics. Presidents and generals are famous figureheads of the war.

However, there may be some important facts about each person that history books were not able to cover, and researching any of these figures would be appropriate for a research paper.

The paper could cover his views about culture, race and how he constructed his philosophies. Certain World War II treaties and pacts became the precursors to present-day international organizations. Some of these treaties were made to prevent the outbreak of massive scale wars in the future.

This treaty states that if any member of the organization is attacked, it will be considered as an attack to all members of the organization.

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For example, it is common for the instructor to require a paper on a topic as broad as World War II, but you should know that the instructor will expect you to narrow your focus until your thesis is very specific.

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Research within librarian-selected research topics on World War II from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

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A List Of Good Research Paper Topics On World War 2 Teachers of history often instruct students to write research papers on World War is a very broad topic that involves a huge number of events and historical characters. Sep 07,  · What Are Some Good Topics For A High School Research Paper About WWII High school research papers are one of the most exciting things one can work on. High school happens to be a transitive phase between junior level studies and senior level studies.

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The research paper could discuss the necessity behind the original treaty and how this has affected events since World War I. Single Country Focus A country focus could be a comprehensive research paper covering all the causes and effects of World War II as it pertains to that country. Now, in this scenario, the general theme is World War II, however, if you will be writing a research paper on the topic, it is very important to focus your paper on a specific aspect of the war. You could narrow in on a number of issues.