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Essay, France 10 Day Weather

Writing a Weather Report

❶The air that is forced upward by the mountain range loses its moisture and becomes a dry mass when it goes over the top.

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Essay Weather Forecast – 10 Day
Essay Hourly Weather Forecast

A weather report is a bit technical as compared to other report writing you have been practicing earlier. You need to choose words and phrases correctly and present the information gathered in the language of meteorologists.

Weather report writing has its own format which is precise, to the point and delivers facts and prediction right on hand. A weather report article or analysis typically includes the statement of current weather conditions along with a weather forecast for the next 24 hours. Go through the following steps carefully to learn what is required and not required in a weather report. These steps will help you in building a strong foundation on weather reporting. Before writing a weather report, visit the National Weather Service and ask them to show you a few samples on weather reporting.

This will give you a good idea of the information required. You can also visit official websites of local weather agencies and ask for online assistance. For writing a weather report, you need to provide an overall view of the weather condition of your area. This will include humidity, dew point, Ultraviolet ray index, direction and speed of wind, temperature, barometric pressure, rating of air quality and precipitation amount.

Mentioning the timings of sunrise and sunset and visibility information would be a plus. Your weather report must include the average low and high temperature for the current year. Historical information about the weather changes taking place since past few years is optional. Satellite map and weather forecasting are the two key tools which will help you greatly in creating a weather report.

With the help of satellite map, explain the temperature and other weather indications for the past few hours. Point out the areas under pressure and explain why it is so; based on the wind and storm pressure information. Make educated guess about how the weather would be like in the next couple of hours.

Weather and climate are the important factors to determining the success or failure of agriculture. All the agricultural operations from sowing to harvest of crops depend on the mercy of weather. Climate determines suitability of a crop to a particular region while weather plays a major role in the productivity of a crop in the region.

The excess or shortage of elements of weather and climate exerts a negative influence on crop growth, development and final yield. The effect of weather and climate is complex as elements of climate operate simultaneously in nature. Due to complexity of environment in which a crop is grown, it is difficult to assign an, optimum value of a climatic element for maximum crop productivity. Geographical factors influencing weather and climate are referred to as climatic controls.

The distance from the equator latitude , either from south or north, largely creates variation in climate. Based on latitude, the climate has been classified as tropical, subtropical, temperate and polar climates.

Temperature and pressure decreases with increasing height from mean sea level. Nearness to large bodies of water also causes variation in climate. The climates are referred to as continental and maritime. Different instruments are used for measuring weather parameters in observatories and laboratories. Depending on the level of accuracy required and the cost, instruments are used for recording the weather data.

Irrespective of whether it is an observatory or a lab. All the above climatic parameters influence the wind. Three geographic factors—altitude, latitude and longitude are important for crop production. These are embodied in Hopkin Bioclimatic Law.

Intensity, velocity and direction of wind vary with three geographic factors leading to variation in climate and weather. Geographic surface features such as large bodies of water and mountain ranges modify the wind characteristics and hence the meteorological parameters.

A mountain range in the path of prevailing wind creates moist conditions on the windward side and dry conditions on the leeward side. Air cools adiabatically to the dew point as it rises up the mountains. The air that is forced upward by the mountain range loses its moisture and becomes a dry mass when it goes over the top. This is called the orographic effect relief effect , which is different from the usual rainfall without mountains. Topography influences weather and microclimate through variation in temperature and wind.

Water is normally warmer than the surrounding land. When wind blows over a large body of water, it picks up moisture, thus creating a more moderate leeward condition. The leeward side of the body of water is subjected to less temperature fluctuations relatively stable weather compared to windward side.

Weather Essay: Precipitation

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We offer you to get acquainted with writing a weather essay sample below. If you have been already looking for weather essay samples and got to this webpage, Toll-Free oceans, streams, mountains, and ice sheets also influence weather conditions. At different times of the year, sunlight falls on the Earth’s surface at.

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The people who predict and forecast the weather, people called meteorologists, are very important as they inform the public about the latest weather advancements and news. Meteorologists are very unique as they study different things compared to others in the weather/climate field. Weather Essay, short and written in simply English. This weather essay for kids is to understand. Short weather essay in English for kids.

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Weather is our most common topic of conversation, a factor in must of our agricultural, industrial and civic planning and a matter of constant concern- whether it is for planning a simple picnic, what we eat or wear, our work, our safety, etc. Related Articles: Short essay on the Necessary Conditions . The following examples will give you a good idea on how to write a weather report. Also note the difference in formatting. Partly cloudy in the evening, becoming cloudy overnight. essays, dissertation, research papers and proposals. You can learn your way through technical tools and resources for writing, editing and publishing eBooks via.