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Literary Foils: Definition and Examples

Examples of Foil in Literature

❶Which of the following statements is the best definition of foil as a literary device?

What Is "Ripe Figs" by Kate Chopin About?

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What Is a Foil?
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The literary term foil. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Transcript of Foil - Literary Term Foil Definition a foil is a character whos personality, attitude, or physical characteristics is opposite of another character How to Find it To find the foil in literary text, you must look for opposites and contrasting traits between characters. Pinky and The Brain Pinky is a tall skinny idiot, while The Brain is a short chunky intellegant mouse.

Jacob is a werewolf and Edward is a Vampire. Jacob is hot temperature wise Jacob has a temper, while Edward is completely calm. Why it's important The foil in a story is a major part.

It creates conflict and makes things more interesting. Nobody likes a story where everybody agrees with everybody and everybody is the same. In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," Dr. Frankenstein and his creation are foils to one another.

There are numerous reiterations of the dramatic foil concept, and they don't have to be conceptualized as sidekicks or antagonists. In fact, any story that has multiple characters can have multiple foils, all serving to create comparisons with one another, and therefore serving to highlight important depths in the characters.

What Is a Dramatic Foil? Quick Answer A dramatic foil is a character who may be similar or in parallel circumstances compared to the main character of the story. Which Popular Novels Were Released in ?

What Happened to Homer Barron? Simon Potter Cultura Getty Images. Full Answer Sidekicks can be a kind of dramatic foil. Learn more about Literature. You May Also Like Q: What Is an Example of a Dynamic Character? How Do You Define "subordinate Character"?

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The foil is a character central to the plot that has agency and acts in ways to highlight the features of the character to whom they're meant to draw attention to. The main example provided is like saying "Satan is the foil to God", when neither of these characters feature prominently in each others stories in any testament.

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Definition, Examples of Literary Foil Characters Home» The Writer’s Dictionary» What is a Foil? Foil definition: A foil is a literary character that is intended to highlight attributes in another character through opposing traits.

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Definition of Foil. In literature, a foil is a character that has characteristics that oppose another character, The term “foil” came into its current usage as a literary device from the concept of putting tin foil behind a gemstone to make it look more brilliant. The foil character works in the same way—to make the protagonist seem. In fiction, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character - usually the protagonist— to highlight particular qualities of the other character. [2] [3] [4] In some cases, a subplot can be used as a foil to the main plot.

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Learn the foil definition, examples in literature & foil meaning. Define foil in literary terms, device, elements, and techniques. What is a foil character? Learn the foil definition, examples in literature & foil meaning. Define foil in literary terms, device, elements, and techniques. Literary Terms- Definitions. Literary terms and their definitions for students in Ms. Cox's English 10 Honors at Cardinal Gibbons High School, foil. A character that is the opposite of another character in a story. Foils help to define and highlight character traits in others by contrast.