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❶The Persian Gulf War.

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Just loved all the details you put into this one…. Very helpful… only bad thing is I have a lot of white space on it that I need to fill! I love Stamping Bella stamps! Thanks for creating such a cute card! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Copic Multiliner SP pens. Copic Multiliner SP sets. Neenah Classic Crest 80 Desert Storm.

Ranger Inkssentials Surfaces, Kraft Cardstock, 8. Robin in WA on May 31, at 2: TinaK on May 28, at 1: Shirley on May 28, at 3: Your coloring is just awesome!! I love this little guy: Brithzi on May 27, at 7: Love the little guy. Teresa Doyle on May 27, at 4: Terri on May 27, at 3: Glenda F on May 27, at 1: Sandy Allnock on May 27, at 7: Donna Dacy on May 27, at Your coloring is always stunning.

Carmen on May 27, at Jamie Vanskiver on May 27, at Tanja on May 27, at 9: Gloria Reynolds on May 27, at 8: Just loved all the details you put into this one… Reply. Jenny Neal on May 27, at 6: Diane on May 27, at 5: Diane L on May 27, at 4: Despite an unclear enemy situation, less than ideal flight conditions, and a route of flight through an unexpected intense tank battle, the th closed with and destroyed massed enemy armor columns and revetted vehicles.

With numerous enemy targets still remaining, the th refueled and re-attacked across enemy lines, once again subjecting themselves to hostile fire. The th destroyed a brigade sized element thus hindering the reinforcement of the enemy's front line units. The th's heroic actions reflect the highest standards of our military tradition and directly influenced the successful outcome of Operation Desert Storm. For valorous actions while conducting combat operations in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations during the period 17 January to 3 March The Squadron continued its rapid advance, culminating with the capture of the Safwan Airfield, Iraq.

During this drive, the squadron destroyed 65 tanks, 66 Armored Personnel Carriers, 66 trucks, 91 bunkers, and captured 3, enemy soldiers. They served with marked distinction against a numerically superior force during the hour race across Iraq and Kuwait. It left behind a trail of smoldering tanks and personnel carriers, broken-willed enemy soldiers, and closed the Iraqi Basrah-Kuwait City Highway escape route.

The violent execution of every mission without combat loss or serious injury remains a tribute to the heritage of this great division, and to fallen comrades-in-arms.

During the cited period, this distinguished unit conducted numerous direct action and surveillance and reconnaissance missions hundreds of kilometers behind enemy lines. Most significantly, during the ground campaign, they fought with every Arab coalition unit of Battalion-size or larger, often leading these forces into battle.

Their extraordinary heroism furthers the highest traditions of the United States Army. The Brigade conducted combat operations to ascertain enemy dispositions along the Division's zone of advance.

The Brigade's aircraft conducted continuous flight operations as the Division's movement to contact accelerated into Iraq. Time and again the attack helicopters were employed against Iraqi armored elements forward of the Division's ground forces.

The Brigade conducted thirty-nine straight hours of continuous combat operations, rotating companies into and out of the battle. Because of their integration into the Division's close fight, the destruction of the Medina and Adnan Divisions was assured. Attack helicopters maintained a steady destructive presence in front of the Division, engaging targets of opportunity and rapidly shifting their focus and combat power as the scenario required.

The Brigade's final battle commenced when the Division raced to clear its zone of advance to the Kuwaiti border prior to the impending cease-fire. The Brigade completed its combat operations without suffering the loss of any aircraft, vehicles or personnel.

Through their expertise, tenacity, and courage, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Aviation Brigade, 1st Armored Division actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Army. Throughout the entire operation, the 2d Brigade, 1st Armored Division, demonstrated tenacity, espirit de corps, and courageous professionalism.

The actions of the 2d Brigade, 1st Armored Division were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Army. Completing the destruction of the RGFC Brigade, the 3d Brigade rejoined the Division transitioned to pursuit operations and continued its attack eastward.

Executing an aggressive and continuous movement, the 3d Brigade fought numerous engagements. The Brigade made contact with a tank battalion defending the western flank of a RGFC's major logistics base. Attacking with all three Battalions on line, the enemy vaporized in front of the Brigade, ten armored vehicles destroyed in the first minute of the battle.

The Brigade's relentless attack continued throughout the day and into the night as it raced eastward at a rate of 15 kilometers per hour. In 24 hours of nearly continuous combat, the Brigade destroyed or captured vehicles, including tanks, 81 armored personnel carriers, 34 artillery pieces, 15 AAA guns and captured hundreds of tons of supplies and EPW's.

The Brigade completed this exemplary action without the loss of a single soldier or vehicle and only three WIA's. Through their demonstrated courage, tenacity, esprit de corps and professionalism, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3d Brigade, 1st Armored Division actions reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Army. For gallantry in action during covert armed reconnaissance deep into Iraq from 17 February to 23 February ; and for its successful deep attack against Republican Guard forces in Al Basrah, Iraq on 27 February The armed reconnaissance began seven days before the start of the ground war on 17 February, miles into Iraq.

During this period the Battalion forced the surrender of over Iraqi soldiers, a first for Army Aviation. On G day, 24 February, the unit conducted deliberate attacks and reconnaissance missions in the division sector as far north as the Euphrates River valley clearing the way for the largest air assault ever conducted. The 2d Battalion, th Aviation Regiment moved miles into Iraq to establish forward operating base Cobra with the st Airborne Division. The unit conducted a deep attack on 27 February to complete the destruction of escaping Republican Guard forces that were fleeing from Al Basrah, Iraq north towards Baghdad along the Al Hammer Bridge causeway.

The Battalion closed with the enemy then systematically and methodically annihilated the retreating force amidst heavy anti-aircraft fire and deteriorating weather conditions. The 2d Battalion, th Aviation Regiment's heroic actions reflect the highest standards of our military tradition and directly influenced the successful outcome of Operation Desert Storm. For extraordinary heroism in action and outstanding accomplishments while in combat with the enemy as part of Operation Desert Storm from 17 January to 1 March Throughout the 44 days of both the air and ground campaigns, 11th ADA Brigade units were involved in almost daily combat actions.

The Brigade participated in over 25 battles over the skies of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. As the only Air Defense Artillery Brigade in theater, the 11th ADA Brigade was called upon to perform a number of complex missions of enormous military and political importance under extremely challenging and hazardous conditions.

In every endeavor and combat action, the soldiers of the Brigade performed magnificently, displaying unparalleled gallantry, determination, and espirit de corps while greatly exceeding every expectation of them in combat. The extraordinary heroism and overwhelming skill of the Brigade's Patriot units in engaging and defeating repeated SCUD missile attacks captured the attention and admiration of the entire world.

They played a pivotal role in the overall success of allied efforts during operation Desert Storm. For extraordinary heroism in action during Operation Desert Storm from 24 February to 26 March The valorous combat engineers of the Dishard Battalion marked and proofed assault lanes under direct and indirect enemy fire to secure a foothold in enemy territory and pass 1st Infantry Division Mechanized and 1st Armored Division United Kingdom forward.

The Battalion was also a key participant in the subsequent destruction of one and the rout of two Iraqi Republican Guard Divisions. The 1st Engineer Battalion further distinguished itself by demolishing enemy fighting vehicles, weapons, and ammunition left on the battlefield, and by destroying many hazardous cluster bomb concentrations.

The Dishard Battalion's courageous determination and tremendous esprit de corps are truly in keeping with the traditions of this proud Battalion. Task Force 2d Battalion, 34th Armor attacked the enemy with such speed and skillful precision that enemy positions were successfully breached and penetrated allowing VII Corps to conduct a successful exploitation.

Continuing it's determined attack as part of this exploitation, Task Force 2d Battalion, 34th Armor attacked and utterly destroyed the 9th Armored Brigade of the Tawakalna Division of the Republican Guard.

Through their valiant fighting spirit and lethal application of firepower, the soldiers of Task Force 2d Battalion, 34th Armor had significant impact on the success of operation Desert Storm. For extraordinary heroism from 24 February to 28 February while conducting a deliberate attack and breaching operation against Iraqi Forces during Operation Desert Storm.

While under hostile fire the Task Force cleared four lanes simultaneously through an enemy fortified trench system while inflicting heavy casualties. The Task Force continued the attack clearing over 22 kilometers of entrenched enemy positions while maintaining fire superiority and resulted in the capture and destruction of numerous enemy vehicles, equipment, personnel and command bunkers.

The overwhelming momentum of the attack and soldiers' fighting spirit drove the enemy from their positions resulting in the ultimate collapse and destruction of the Iraqi 48th Infantry Division. The extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty displayed by the soldiers of Task Force 2d Battalion, 16th Infantry were in keeping with the finest traditions of the United States Army.

For extraordinary heroism in military operations against an armed enemy: Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry and the following participating units: As part of numerous missions conducted prior to G-Day, these successful actions significantly contributed to deceiving the enemy concerning the direction and location of United States Army Forces Central Command's main attack, while covering the westward movement of friendly forces.

The heroism and valor displayed by Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division reflects great credit upon themselves and the United States Army.

For extraordinary heroism during ground combat operations in Operation Desert Storm from 24 February through 4 March The Task Force then attacked kilometers across southern Iraq into northern Kuwait, severing Iraqi lines of communication, and then drove north once again into Iraq to assist in the seizure of the City of Safwan, Iraq, and the securing of the Safwan Airfield for the Coalition Forces-Iraqi Cease-Fire negotiations. During the operation, over fifty enemy combat vehicles were destroyed and over prisoners were captured.

Throughout the Ground War, the soldiers performed with marked distinction under difficult and hazardous conditions. Their gallantry, determination, and Esprit de Corps guaranteed victory and maintained the finest traditions of the United States Army.

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Product Description Desert Storm is a sand or barley color kraft brown card stock with some.

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Neenah Paper ENVIRONMENT Desert Storm Envelopes A6 - 4 3/4 x 6 1/2 Smooth ; Show More. More About This Product. Product Details Printing Hints About this Product. There is no better name for this paper than ENVIRONMENT. ENVIRONMENT brings together all the great attributes of eco-friendly paper with a style and form that will knock your socks friendlyfigre.tks: 6.

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Shop for environment® papers in desert storm from Neenah Paper. Neenah Paper is focused on the premium paper market and committed to producing a superior quality product. Neenah ENVIRONMENT - x 11 Cardstock Paper - 80lb COVER - Desert Storm - PK: Office Products/5(6).

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Beautiful, high quality designer for a multitude of uses! Environment, Desert Storm, SmoothPack of 25 pages, lb paper x 11" Neenah Paper’s #1 selling premium Writing, Text and Cover paper Manufactured acid free with archival properties. Printing Desert Storm Paper Stock Superb printability using all the major printing techniques, from inkjet & laser to high end digital, offset & letterpress. With its superb printability and eco-friendly color, this is the right choice from invitations to corporate identity packages.