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9 Great Albums To Accompany Your Writing Process

Dark Roasts (For Horror/Dark Fantasy/Transgressive, etc.)

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My only option is instrumental. I can't have words coming into my brain at the same time I'm trying to push them out of my brain. Does anyone else have that issue? Kimber, that's why I like fast punk and gangsta rap. The words blend together at a certain point and almost become instrumental, like a cacophony of white noise. But sometimes I prefer Bach. I absolutely have that problem, so much so I sometimes find myself typing the lyrics, rather than my own words.

I've noticed that while working on longer works, a soundtrack sort of asserts itself and I pretty much listen to it nonstop. If not for headphones, my family would hate a lot of bands and albums I really love. I create playlists for each of the stories I write.

Most of my ideas are inspired by songs because I listen to music on my lengthy commute to and from work. There has only been one story that I listened to a single album while writing. Great bands, but to write to?

I was thinking more on the lines of ambient, jazz, or classical. Some old blues on vinyl will do. All the crackles and pops? By the way, James Pickell, Miles Davis is what's up! With all the crackles and pops. I listened to these albums back to back and wow, what a great list! I got a lot of writing as well as drawing in. I've got this list bookmarked now. Didn't think it would be! And yes Jenny Lane, Miles is what's up fo sho! Skip to Main Content Area. Hello, if this is your first time here, login with Facebook or create a free account to get started.

Otherwise, Click here to log in. List Music Process Writing. You Might Also Like Five Big Fat Literary Fakes. Five Lame Excuses for Plagiarism. More By This Author. Tech and Product Round-up: Login or register to post comments.

Renfield from Hell is reading 20th Century Ghosts November 15, - 2: Great list there, top notch writing tunes. Hmm, diggin' "Out from Outwhere". You can only resort to Vangelis so many times.

Kimber from Atlanta November 15, - 4: Thanks for the recommendations, I'll have to look those groups up. Benjamin Joseph from Southern U. SammyB from Las Vegas is reading currently too many to list November 16, - 7: I've never heard any of these albums:

Medium Roasts (Sci-Fi, Modern Fantasy, Hard Fantasy, Weird Lit-Fic)

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Let us know your favourite writing music below! Or check out the comments on the original post for more suggestions.

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Finding the best music to listen to while writing often takes me far away from my usual listenings into territories that I don’t otherwise explore. Music is part of the writing process. For a lot of writers, hitting a zone is an important part of the process. You hit a rhythm and settle into a groove. None - music is a distraction. You’ll drift. Best thing to do is write in one sitting and take a break of a day - print it out and edit and correct.

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The simple answer is, I write late at night, with my headphones on, listening to music. These are some songs I really like, especially for writing. They frequently find a place on my midnight playlist. Speaking of that creative malady we all suffer from time to time, if I select the appropriate album or playlist before beginning my first draft, and I consistently listen to that music throughout the writing process, when I begin to feel stuck or unmotivated, nine times out of ten it's the music that pulls me out of the funk and gets me going again.